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For our first 2014 edition of Paperblanks Traveller, we’re looking back at Candace’s April, 2013 trip to the Greek island of Santorini. About this memorable experience, she writes:

My girlfriend and I went to Prague, Vienna, Venice, Milan and Santorini on our trip. We stayed in hostels and cheap hotels for all the places except in Santorini, where we stayed in an amazing villa hotel. We had this to-die-for room and ocean-view balcony.

Backpacking in Europe had always been my dream, and this trip was absolutely a dream come true. I wanted to have a great ending for my dream, so I planned to have Santorini be the last stop of my 20-day European vacation. I was experiencing mixed feelings when the photo was taken because my trip was coming to an end. When I look at that photo and read my Grolier travel journal now, I can still feel how happy and upset I was at the moment.

It was a very intense trip for the first four stops and we planned to just relax in Greece. Santorini was a paradise, especially when we had already spent so much time and energy in other places. We had an indescribable time in Santorini. The sunset there was known to be the best on earth. I wanted to stay because I was drawn to the stunning view and friendly people in this paradise. However, I looked forward to coming home. The feelings were complicated.

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