Young Ernest Hemingway

It’s always neat to get a peek at a famous artists’ upbringing. (What environments were they raised in? Were there any hints early on of their talents?)

Today we wanted to share with you a look at a diary entry written by a 9-year-old Ernest Hemingway – where the soon-to-be-famed writer and adventurer states his intention of becoming a writer and adventurer! He concludes the entry with the impressively blunt statement “I intend to travel and write.”

In addition to the statement about Hemingway’s future life path this diary entry also gives us insight into the young writer’s interests, including his favourite authors (Kiping among them), flowers, sports, and studies. (“My favourite studies are English, Zoology and Chemistry.”) Hemingway was undoubtedly a precocious youth!

The entry was written in 1908 when Hemingway was attending school at Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary School.

Here’s the full text and a picture of the entry:

My name is Ernest Miller Hemingway I was born on July 21 1899. My favourite authors are Kipling, O. Henry and Steuart Edward White. My favourite flower is Lady Slipper and Tiger Lily. My favourite sports are Trout fishing, Hiking, shooting, football and boxing. My favourite studies are English, Zoology and Chemistry. I intend to travel and write.

(Via Interwar)

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