A couple years ago Vanity Fair took a look at Marilyn Monroe’s previously unseen private journals, and even had a handwriting expert analyze a few pages. It’s a fascinating read. But today we wanted to focus on a specific couple of pages from one of those journals.

Below you can read and take a look at excerpts from pages 146 and 147 from a diary Monroe kept in 1951.

The first page is made up of single line of dialogue Monroe had to learn for Love Nest, a movie she filmed that year:

Pardon me are you the janitors wife

Note in the image below how she’s underlined specific words in the sentence. (Possibly to remind herself how she should emphasize those words when speaking them?)

The second page recounts a day spent in a bus on a trip to Monterey with sixty “charming” and “wonderful” Italian fishermen. At the time Marilyn was in her 20’s, just starting to appear in credited roles in the movies, and clearly dreaming about the future:

caught a Greyhound Bus from Monterey to Salinas. On the Bus I was the person woman with about sixty Italian fishermen and I’ve never met sixty such charming gentlemen—they were wonderful. Some company was sending them downstate where their boats and (they hoped) fish were waiting for them. Some could hardly speak english not only do I love Greeks [illegible] I love Italians. they’re warm, lusty and friendly as hell—I’d love to go to Italy someday.



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