Jim Hodges’ Untitled was installed at the Barbara Gladstone Gallery in New York. The installation was comprised of four massive boulders melded with shiny colourful stainless steel, which has the effect of highlighting each rocks’ unique curves and contours. The four rocks are grouped in a circle, allowing visitors to walk around and between them.

Olga Viso, writing about the installation on walkerart.org, describes the pieces’ allure:

The boulders … seem to defy their materiality. This is, indeed, part of their magic. As you walk amid the sculptures and they are animated by light, they at once seem massive and monumental yet light and buoyant, almost weightless.

Learn more about Jim Hodges on his website www.jimhodges.com.

And learn more about the Barbara Gladstone Gallery at www.gladstonehallery.com.


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