It looks like a team of researchers is close to finding a long lost Leonardo da Vinci painting (after looking for it for almost 40 years)! The painting is Da Vinci’s The Battle of Anghiari, or, appropriately, The Lost Leonardo. Da Vinci was commissioned to paint it in the Hall of Five Hundred in 1504 (Interestingly, Da Vinci’s rival Michelangelo was given the opposite wall!) but he left Florence before he could finish it. The researchers, believing the unfinished work to be hidden behind one of the newer frescos in the hall, drilled small holes into the fresco and sampled the chemical content of the paint underneath it. They found that the chemical compositions are similar to the paint Da Vinci used to create the Mona Lisa and St. John the Baptist!

So what’s next? The mayor of Florence is considering allowing the removal of parts of the obstructing-fresco to find out for sure if the lost Da Vinci painting is behind it. We’ll watch for more news! In the mean-time, read more about the story at ABC News’ website.

And to learn about Paperblanks’ tribute to Leonardo da Vinci check out our Leonardo’s Sketches product page or read our article on all the Da Vinci-themed books we’ve produced over the years.


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