Friedrich von Schiller is one of Germany’s greatest dramatists, poets and literary theorists. Born in 1759, his very first play, The Robbers, was met with great acclaim and caused an uproar, which led to the playwright’s arrest and ban from publishing any more of his work. This only inspired his determination to achieve intellectual freedom and to fight against oppression. He believed passionately in the power of art as a humanistic force, and his high ideals and concern for the welfare of mankind shone through in his writing.

Schiller worked as a professor of history and philosophy and wrote almost entirely on historical themes, including plays such as Wallenstein, Mary Stuart and William Tell.

Lifelong Friendship with Goethe

Schiller struck up a lifelong friendship with fellow literary luminary Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  in Weimar, and from 1794 until Schiller’s death in 1805, the two shared an intense correspondence.

The letter reproduced on this book cover dates from 1st November 1795.

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