Auguste Rodin (1840 – 1917) was one of the art world’s original bad boys. His masterful bronze and marble figures made him one of the most famous and controversial artists of the nineteenth century. He left behind the traditional realms of mythology and allegory to celebrate individual character. He was revered and reviled for his innovative departures from the conventional poses and gestures, and he often left his achingly beautiful figures unfinished. The powerful sense of incompletion in his work became a hallmark of the abstract sculptural forms of the twentieth century.

Paperblanks has put two pieces of Rodin’s work on its writing journals.

Rodin, Letter to Rilke

One of the two cover portrays a letter from Rodin to one of Europe’s greatest poets, Rainer Maria Rilke.

In the letter to Rilke, Rodin expresses gratitude for their friendship and admiration for Rilke’s creative soul. Affectionately cautioning Rilke, Rodin writes: “Work, courage, intelligence—all in moderation to avoid these virtues from getting overtired.”

This design is available in two sizes: Ultra and Mini.

Rodin, Wind

In the second design, entitled Wind, we see Rodin’s near magical ability to instill life and movement into the human form.

Erotic and unflinching, Wind showcases the possibilities of flesh and bone as seen through a visionary’s eyes.

This design is available in two sizes: Ultra and Mini.

Paperblanks’ Embellished Manuscripts Collection

To inspire the writer, these unique writing journals portray the work of some of the greatest writers, thinkers and artists of all time. These reproductions of excerpts from original manuscripts, letters, scores and drawings provide a glimpse into the creative process of figures such as William Shakespeare, Sigmund Freud and Vincent van Gogh.

To see the full range of artists and reproduced manuscripts go here.

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