To supplement our recent blog post about our high paper quality standards we now have a video on the same topic. Tell us what you think — both about the video and about our paper!


  1. Dearest Paperblanks,

    I can only state that I am really in love with ALL the paperblanks.
    You guys are so talented and so creative. I really wish that Paperblanks would get more recognition. Seriously. I own one myself and I was amazed by how beautiful and just perfect it was made. Everyone seems to be amazed by the Moleskine’s, and honestly having a few of them myself I cannot say that the paperquality is similar to the Paperblanks. Paperblanks are not ”see-through” where with Moleskine is. It’s is truly made with perfection. I wish I could own them all. Never stop making them. You guys are truly the best.



  2. There is nothing worse than finding a lovely looking journal then you open it up and it has that cheap crappy paper in it. your journals etc, are of the highest quality from start to finish. I love what you have done with the production of the paper keeping it acid free. Its good that you show videos. So you can see and know the quality of the book your getting. I have to. the Tiny one and the next down from the biggest one. I have posted a suggestion on the main wall also about an other type of book I would love you to produce.
    Great work.

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