Monday, February 6, 2023
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One-of-a-Kind Paperblanks Bag

Between our Peek Inside posts and our Artist Profile series, we're often taking a look inside the Paperblanks notebooks of some very creative journallers...

7 Fun and Unusual Uses for your Paperblanks Journals and Planners

Paperblanks users often tell us they are afraid to start marking up a pristine new journal, but that's the opposite of how we want...

Writing Wednesday: 10 Authors You Should Be Following on Twitter

Ah, Twitter. What was once feared to be a 140-character wasteland of bad grammar and shameless self-promotion has actually proven itself to be a...

Literary Landmarks: 7 Authors’ Childhood Homes You Can Actually Visit

If you live in or have ever visited a city that can lay claim to being the birthplace of a historical figure, you've no...

Writing Wednesday: 3 Surprising Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Here on the Endpaper Blog we tend to separate our journalling articles from our writing articles. In reality, however, the two activities often go...

Kendra Lauritsen – Photographer

"Don’t ever limit yourself. With art, as in life, the possibilities are endless!"

Ines Skobe – Writer, Artist, Student

"If a person were to peek inside the pages of my Paperblanks book they would find my sketches, dreams, ideas, designs, inspirations and stories."