Sunday, August 7, 2022

People & Interviews

Interviews with artists, authors and #PeopleOfPaperblanks.

"Most of my life I have been an artist and designer although I have a degree in liberal arts, not fine arts, and actually did little training for what I ended up doing for a living."
"I’m an Italian writer and painter born in Rome, where I’ve lived my entire life. As a writer, my fascination lies with historical novels and my paintings are inspired by myths, legends and dreams."
"The mysterious aspects of a single person fascinate me and portraiture – the study of faces - is what I specialize in to try to understand how emotions are expressed."
"I grew up amidst fields and forests in a small village in Austria. Our neighbor was an 80-year old German writer, war veteran and well-travelled wise man and as a child I became intrigued by his stories about the world outside of my small village."
"I was born in East-Berlin and 8 years old when the wall came down. Stepping into a new world I had only heard of, it was a truly overwhelming experience which signified for me freedom of creation, of beauty and the unexpected."
"I’m a poet and a teacher. I’m inspired by photography, magazines, Swedish design and fashion, anything handmade."
"From mind to hand to pen to paper, the connection must be made or the ideas get lost."
"I am interested in artists who diligently stray from normal or pretty, who create and commit to their own standards and themes."
"In her book On Writing, Annie Dillard tells of being asked by a reader “Who will teach me to write?” Her answer? The page, the page."
"If a person were to peek inside the pages of my Paperblanks book they would find my sketches, dreams, ideas, designs, inspirations and stories."