No desk setup is complete without an address book to keep all important addresses in one place and ready for when you need them.

This season we’re excited to announce that three new designs have been added to our selection of address books! Take a look below.


The eternal appeal of a classic floral design is captured in the work of Irish illustrator William Kilburn (1745–1818), whose colourful blossoms grace the cover of our Floralia address book.

Similar in style to the work of Arts & Crafts promoter William Morris, Kilburn’s patterns predate Morris’ by nearly a century!

Pictured here: Floralia ultra address book from our William Kilburn series

Pear Garden

Our Pear Garden address book reproduces part of a beautifully embroidered skirt used as costuming during the height of Peking Opera (18th–19th centuries).

It is named for an official opera school that was established by Emperor Taizong during the Tang Dynasty (618–907), an academy which set the stage for the art form to flourish in later centuries.

Pictured here: Pear Garden midi address book with wrap closure, from our Peking Opera Embroidery series

The Chanin Spiral

Take home a piece of NYC history with our New York Deco address book. Our Chanin Spiral design reproduces a bronze ventilator grille from the lobby of the Chanin Building, a midtown Manhattan landmark.

The geometric design symbolizes human thought and emotion. New this season is our smaller mini size – perfect to keep all your addresses with you on the go.

Pictured here: Chanin Spiral mini address book from our New York Deco series

Our address books combine convenience with great style and feature our most popular cover designs.

With unique features like “thumb cut” pages to help you find entries with ease, these books will make keeping in touch with your contacts a breeze!



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