We are past halfway through NaNoWriMo. It probably hasn’t been easy, but you are almost there! Inspired by comments from this year’s participants, we have compiled a list of how to stay motivated to write. We hope to help you feel encouraged to keep going.

Pictured here: our Viola journal.

Make the most of being part of a community. You are not alone in this.

Take a moment to appreciate how the ink flows on the paper and enjoy its movement.

Put on some music while you write.

Sit next to the fireplace and cozy up with a soft blanket.

Use a pen with a beautiful shade of ink.

Take a moment to acknowledge the world around you.

Put on the kettle and get a cup of tea or spiced apple cider.

Pictured here: our Mila Marquis Fall Foliage and Autumn Apples journals.

Think of someone who inspires you to keep writing and dedicate today’s session to them.

Get out and enjoy nature. 

Look how much you have already written!

Talk to your friends and other NaNoWriMo participants.

Go for a walk.

Light a candle.

Think about someone finding in your writing exactly what they were looking for.

Take a moment to set your intentions.

Do you have any other tips? We would love to hear how you stay motivated!

Pictured here: our Embellished Manuscript, Proust journal.


  1. ☘ Keep your journal and pen handy so you can write down stuff when it enters your head

    ☘ Make a music playlist that fits the theme of your story.

    ☘ Choose a journal that fits the theme of your story as well. Use your favorite brand of pen or pencil.

    • Oh, I love these, Kim! Thank you for sharing. I like the idea of choosing everything that fits the theme of the story, from music to the journal itself!


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