As publishers, we are great believers in the value of the written word. Being able to work with charities that promote literacy and education is a motivational force in all aspects of our business. Today we wanted to shine a spotlight on the Kids In Need Foundation, an American organization we recently had the chance to connect with and help to support with a donation of journals.

Read on to find out about the great work they are doing and how you can help support children’s education!

Photo courtesy of Kids In Need Foundation

What does Kids In Need do?

Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) believes that every child in America should have equal opportunity and access to a quality education. To achieve this, we partner with teachers and students in under-resourced schools to provide the support needed for teachers to teach and learners to learn.

In our 25 years, we have distributed more than $1 billion in supplies to kids who would otherwise go without.

KINF operates four key programs to help facilitate our efforts so that all students have access to quality school supplies to learn and succeed:

  • Second Responder®: Provides school supplies to students affected by natural disasters.
  • Supply A Student program: Through community sponsorships, this program provides pre-assembled, pre-filled backpacks filled with essential school supplies, sponsor pre-filled backpacks to designated schools, or deliver bulk supplies to hosted backpack-building events.
  • Supply A Teacher program: This program seeks to remove the financial hardship from teachers to provide necessary supplies in under-resourced schools.
  • National Network of Resource Centers: We partner with resource centers across the country to distribute school supplies to under-resourced teachers for their classrooms.
Photo courtesy of Kids In Need Foundation

Why are these types of programs so essential?

For millions of students, the path to a successful education begins with access to basic school supplies. Education matters and properly resourced learning environments ensure students are equipped to succeed. School supplies help kids feel ready and motivated to attend school regularly, minimizing absenteeism and encouraging engagement. School supplies represent belonging and ownership for teachers and students. They empower students to make choices for themselves and bolster teachers struggling to break the cycle of poverty.

What role do journals and notebooks play?

While journals help students keep notes and thoughts from lessons organized, they also provide a critical outlet for creativity. Whether it’s drawing or writing, students have the opportunity to exercise their creativity and imagination, while also expressing themselves and their feelings through artistry.

Photo courtesy of Kids In Need Foundation

How can the Paperblanks community get involved?

Individuals and companies can support KINF in a variety of ways. In addition to volunteer opportunities across our National Network of Resource Centers, donations of product, gifts-in-kind and cash can be made, as well as sponsorships through our programs.

When you volunteer at one of our national resource centers, you not only help the hardworking staff, but also many deserving students and teachers in your region. It is a wonderful way to support your community in a tangible way. We have a range of opportunities for both individual volunteers as well as for groups.

More information:

Photo courtesy of Kids In Need Foundation


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