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The First Set of #PeopleofPaperblanks Sketchbook Prompts are Here!

Paperblanks sketchbook softcover notebook

The time has finally arrived! The first Tuesday of the month is upon us and we are excited to announce that we have released the very first set of #PeopleofPaperblanks sketchbook prompts to the Paperblanks App and Facebook group.

If you’d like to get involved in this exciting opportunity to showcase your creative and artistic side with a chance to have your own featured interview on the Endpaper blog – then this is your perfect chance!

flexi paperblanks softcover notebookWe hope these first set of prompts inspire you to pick up your sketchbook or a blank piece of paper and get creative. If you haven’t had the chance to join the #PeopleofPaperblanks Facebook group yet, it’s not too late! Simply go to the Paperblanks Facebook page as soon as possible or click here!

Once you have finished your artwork submission you can then feel free to share it with other members in the group for a chance to win! The winner will feature in an exclusive interview for the Endpaper blog.

You have two weeks from today to share your work with the group and for members to vote for their favourite sketch/doodle/painting of the month!

#PeopleofPaperblanks May Sketch Prompts


Draw your favourite city skyline…


Draw a character from your favourite movie/TV show…


Draw your pet…


Draw your favourite flower…


Draw a nature scene from a bird’s-eye perspective…


Draw your dream vacation…


Draw your favourite international monument…


Draw a self-portrait…


Draw your favourite spot in your home…


Draw what your imaginary friend would look like…

Head on over to our App to have these prompts on-the-go on your mobile device.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

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#PeopleOfPaperblanks Sketchbook Prompts Schedule

    • 1st Tuesday of the Month: New Prompts Released
    • 3rd Tuesday: Group Members Vote on the Winner
    • 4th Tuesday: Blog Interview and Social Media Features Published

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Paperblanks Journal Prompts App is available for Apple and Android.



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