This season we’ve added four fun new cover designs to our Flexis collection: Celestial Planisphere, Aureo, Moonlight and Calypso. The first three all come from existing Paperblanks series, but Calypso is making its debut as a Flexi!

The look of this new Old Leather cover is inspired by our Schubert, Erlkönig journal. The deep, saturated background colour of that Embellished Manuscript is equally compelling on its own as it is with Schubert’s composition, and here we have embellished it with a simple gold frame.

The name Calypso is inspired by the cover’s marine blue colour. According to Greek mythology, Calpyso is an enchanting nymph who lures Odysseus to her home island of Ogygia. We hope this new cover calls to you in a similar fashion – though hopefully with a less dangerous result than it had for the homesick Odysseus!

Learn More About Calypso

What colour would you like to see next in our Old Leather Collection?


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