We all make mistakes. You can’t avoid them. It’s how we move on from our blunders and setbacks that counts.

The good thing is, a journal can help you turn missteps into opportunities in these three key ways.

Forcing You to Confront Your Fears

Writing about a tough experience forces you to acknowledge it. It can be too easy (though ultimately more destructive) to just ignore a problem and hope it will go away. But that tends to be how small mistakes become bigger issues, so facing a problem head-on can help you resolve it more quickly. Rather than letting something build up inside of you, write out how you’re feeling to start the process toward moving on.

Alleviating the Emotional Weight

Writing out what’s bothering you not only brings your feelings out into the open, but the journal itself can help to bear some of that weight. The journal doesn’t judge, so there is no shame in telling it exactly how you’re feeling or owning up to your mistakes. Once the fear or embarrassment is out of the way, you can start to look at solutions.

Preparing You for Future Failures

Writing about your setbacks doesn’t guarantee you won’t face future failures. In fact, you most certainly will – it’s human nature! A study by researchers from Rutgers University, the University of Pennsylvania and Duke University found that writing about past failures helps lessen stress responses when faced with a new problem or crises. Writing about a problem you have moved on from can, in a currently tough situation, remind you that “this too shall pass.” So, go ahead and get writing – your future self will thank you!

How has journalling helped you overcome an obstacle?

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