May is a wonderful month. It brings Mother’s Day, the end of April showers and a variety of reading and writing awareness opportunities!

This coming month is not only “Get Caught Reading Month” and the American “National Short Story Month” but also home to the Story-a-Day Challenge. Sort of like National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for those of us with shorter attention spans, “Story-a-Day May” challenges its participants to write and finish a short story (any length) every day this month.

To help give you a head start, we are releasing thirty-one creative writing prompts on the Paperblanks Journal Prompts App! If you don’t have it downloaded yet, it’s a super simple and easy-to-use app that gets you started in a new journalling direction when you’re having trouble thinking of a new topic.

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Our May Prompts are the first creative writing selections we have released on the app. Beginning tomorrow, April 28th, you can find them in Settings –> Select Categories under “Story-a-Day.”

Exclusively for our Endpaper Blog readers, here is an advance look at five new writing prompts:

  1. It had been two weeks and now they were the only ones left…
  2. No call had come through that phone in years, but today it rang…
  3. They came back every year to this same spot…
  4. There’s a reason they tell you to save the best for last…
  5. The mountains loomed in the distance as…

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite notebook and start planning out your next month of writing!

About Paperblanks®: At Paperblanks, we believe that art should have a place in all aspects of life. That’s why we follow the artist’s way in everything we do – creating, crafting and releasing designs we believe have the power to touch people. For more about Paperblanks, go to our website at


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