Watching a movie in the theatre it becomes easy (or at least, it should be) to feel completely immersed in the film’s world. You are not likely to be sitting there wondering how everything was created, let alone from where the ideas and concepts behind it all came. And yet every single thing in a film is carefully selected, from the grandest scenes to the smallest character accessories. Many of these decisions are not easily made either, and looking at the original concept art for a film can really give an idea of how a character can change over time.

Concept artists create illustrations that are meant to convey a theme or idea for use in a multimedia form (such as film, television or video games). Sometimes these original drawings are directly translated onto the screen, and sometimes they are used as jumping-off points for the costume and set designers. We’ve gathered five samples from some of our favourite films that show the variety of ways this sort of art can affect the eventual movie creation.

Harry Potter (Peter Pettigrew)

Image Source: HarperCollins/Imgur
HarperCollins has actually published an entire book of amazing Harry Potter concept art titled Harry Potter: The Creature Vault. Check out this “inside look” video below for more:

Inside Out (Disgust, Fear and Anger)

Inside Out
Image Credit:Disney/Pixar via USA Today
Check out Inquistr’s article “Take a Peek Inside Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’: Character Sketches and Movie Inspiration” for more.

Shrek (Shrek himself)

Image Credit: DreamWorks/Barry Jackson for DreamWorks

Frozen (Elsa)

Image Credit: The Walt Disney Company

Star Wars (Yoda)

Image Credit: LucasFilm

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