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Name: Camilla Øverby Acklam
Age: 18 years old (I was born on the 18th of July 1996)
Country: Norway
Education: I am still in upper secondary school, as I am trying to finish the classes I put on hold last and this year
Occupation: Student, photographer and first-aid instructor
Blog: camillaacklam.blogg.no and camillaacklam.blogspot.com
Instagram: @camillaacklam
Twitter: @CamillaAcklam
Tumblr: Camilla Acklam
Loves: Sushi, flowers, the colour green, my family and pets, music (both playing and listening), travelling, writing, art and, of course, Paperblanks.
Hobbies: I love everything that has to do with horses. I do most creative things, such as knitting, needlepoint, crocheting, painting, photography and, of course, drawing. I love drawing anatomy and different plants. I keep the drawings in different Paperblanks journals. And, of course, I do journalling.
Places travelled: I’ve been to Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Iceland, England and Thailand. My favorite city in the world is London. I find a strange peace walking the streets there. I remember feeding a squirrel in Hyde Park one of the first times I was here. I love how you can be so at touch with nature, while being in the third largest city in Europe.


I first started journalling when I was six years old. I was never able to keep it up, and I never wrote through an entire journal. They had those cute locks on, that anyone could pick if they wanted to read the secrets of a six-year-old. I stopped writing for a long time, because I couldn’t see the use of spending money on journals I never used. I picked up the hobby again when I travelled to France for the second time in my life. I wanted to record my thoughts, feelings and experiences while travelling.


That’s when I bought my first Paperblanks journal. I loved the pocket in the back, where I could fit all my postcards from the different places I visited.

My third Paperblanks was a dayplanner. I used it all through the year, and kept every appointment of what was a very difficult year for me. After that I bought another journal, to keep my favorite cooking recipes in.


My fifth journal was an actual journal. I got it from my dad. I keep every thought and feeling in that book. I love the clasps at the side that make it look more like a secret book, just for me. It was in this book I drew my first anatomy sketch. It was the inside of the human heart. I’ve been hooked on anatomy ever since.


My current Paperblanks book is a Leonardo’s Sketches journal, unlined Grande format. In it I keep all my anatomy sketches. I found it appropriate to keep them in a journal with Da Vinci’s sketches on the cover, as he is famous for his anatomy sketches. I cannot wait until I have finished all the pages with drawings. I find it soothing looking through all the pages, and love how it looks so old.



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