The original Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci seems to have excelled at every craft he tried. From his scientific writings to the Mona Lisa painting, Da Vinci never did anything halfway. Luckily for us, this means he also kept extensive notes and drawings throughout his life, and his journals containing early drafts and sketches provide a fascinating insight into the mind of this legendary artist, inventor, botanist, writer  and general polymath.

Today, almost 500 years after his death, Da Vinci continues to inspire modern artists and scientists (not to mention journal covers!). Check out some of the most enduring examples of his intellect and curiosity below and follow the links to learn more.

small book
He kept these tiny notebooks attached to his belt – Via: Art of Manliness
Studies of the Arm showing the Movements made by Biceps (c. 1510) – Via: Wikipedia
The Vitruvian Man – Photography via: Luc Viatour

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