Our Peek Inside… series takes a look inside people’s journals to celebrate their imagination and inspire others.

This month, Loviisa tells us how her Paperblanks dayplanner became a filled-to-the-brim scrapbook:

I got my Paperblanks dayplanner in August of 2014. At first, I used my planner as one usually uses them – for planning. But when I went for a semester of college in Canada I realized that with my hectic days in school and meeting new people all the time I needed a place of reflection. I just needed somewhere to write down what had happened during the day – good or bad. Sometimes it would be just small things that happened, a nice comment from someone, a good conversation with someone late at night and sometimes it would be a bigger thing – a grand party, a trip to the big city, a dinner-date or a brilliant night out. I just wanted to record everything that I could of my days in Canada.



Most of my spreads are filled with random notes about random things that I want to watch or look up, events, plans for trips and big scheduled deadlines for school. I have been decorating my planners since I was twelve so this is a habit that has stuck with me. The Paperblanks paper is wonderful to write on and the perfect size for me to fit everything on the page. Well, sometimes I run out of space for the weekends but that’s what sticky notes are for, right? My favorite part of the planner is the monthly view. I didn’t really use the monthly view a lot in previous planners, but in my Paperblanks planner I started using them more. I like to jot down just tiny remarks about certain days. Like if I watched my favorite show, if it was someone’s birthday, if I went to the movies or parties. It is nice to look at all the things that happened that month in one glance.



I love flipping through my pages, just looking at all the colours and looking back at all the things that happened – good and bad. I think everyone should make use of a planner to just reflect on the small things in life. The things that make you smile or even the things that made you angry. Looking back on it is the best thing.



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