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It’s easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond when it comes to the art world. There are so many other individuals with the same passion as you, and yet it can sometimes feel impossible to find a connection or gain entry into the “scene.” Luckily, as long as you have internet access you can be instantly connected to hundreds of great resources from around the world! While not everything found online will apply to every artist, there will be something for everyone.

We’ve rounded up some of the best places to go when looking for any sort of advice, from legal to creative, to help guide you in your artistic journey. Good luck out there!

Arts Councils

Most countries and cities have an Arts Council, and the resources provided are usually incredibly easy to access (simply do a web search for “Arts Councils” and the ones nearest you will be the top results!).

If you’re in Canada, like us, check out The Canada Council for the Arts to find help for aspiring artists in all fields.

Blogs or Websites of Artists You Admire

While Claude Monet or Frida Kahlo may not be in the blogging game, many contemporary artists are online and are active users of social media. Start following the artists that you admire on Twitter and actually click on the links they post – if they recommend an interesting article, you just might be inspired as well!

Not sure where to start? The aptly named website Boost Blog Traffic has helpfully compiled forty-nine “creative geniuses” they recommend you check out immediately as top examples of artists who have an effective online presence (see the list here).

Local Artist Hangouts

Going to an art show is one thing, but actually sticking around to ask questions of the artist and/or gallery curator is another. You can’t be a passive observer if you’re looking to gain entry into the local art scene, and there’s no better way to get connected than by actually making face-to-face introductions with some movers and shakers in the community.

Colleges or Universities

Just because you’re not enrolled as a student doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the resources available on a school website. Check out what your local arts college has to offer online for tips on local job postings, courses and other information relevant to your community. You can also find great book recommendations by checking out the “required reading” parts of some art course descriptions!

Law Firms

Even if you’re not ready to spend the money on legal representation, you don’t have to go completely in the dark, legally speaking. Entertainment law firms often have online lists of resources for clients (both present and prospective), and can often be one-stop shopping for relevant information on everything from protecting your intellectual property to how to properly write off your art sales come tax season.

Bonus: There are a couple of great blogs devoted to making art your business, as well, and we highly recommend following Business of Illustration and Art of Royalties for applicable and clearly explained information.

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