With at least another month or two of cold weather left in this winter, you’re still likely to find yourself stuck indoors for days at a time. If you’ve already visited every corner of the internet and binge-watched all your favourite shows, we’ve got some fun activities that will help make sure a day snowed in isn’t a day wasted.


Grab a Book

Ok, let’s just get this one out of the way. It should be clear from our love of bookbinding and the literary arts that we look forward to the days that give you an excuse to do nothing but read. Spending hours reading a good book can often feel like a luxury and possibly even leave you feeling guilty on a regular day when you could be checking things off your to-do list. So, take advantage of your forced solitude and curl up with a juicy novel and cup of cocoa. This cold day will be over before you know it!

Make Some Plans

Just because you can’t necessarily go visit your friends right now doesn’t mean you can’t make plans to enjoy their company later. A cold day is a great time to get ahead on your scheduling and reconnect with people you haven’t talked to in a while. The hustle of a normal day can easily blend into the bustle of the next, and it’s not unusual to find weeks going by without notice. Take advantage of a quiet day to plan out when you can see friends and family, or do some research into activities you’ve been meaning to try out but haven’t had the chance. A day spent doing the research will make actually acting on these plans far easier in the future.


Create a Little Friendly Competition

Snowed in with friends or family? Now’s a great time to dig out an old board game and embrace your inner competitiveness. Pop open a bottle of wine or brew up some hot chocolate, and this analog evening spent at home will capture the nostalgia of a “simpler time” – with the adrenaline that comes with battle.

Light Some Candles

Even if the weather isn’t extreme enough to knock out your power, lighting some candles can add much-needed ambiance to a cold night at home. If you’re at home with a loved one, a few candles can turn a winter storm into an evening of romance.


Cook Up a Storm

You need to stay well-fueled to stay warm on cold, cold days, so why not heat up your belly (and your kitchen) by putting a delicious dish in the oven? Being stuck inside gives you the time to look up a new recipe that will make use of the odds and ends lying around your pantry. If you aren’t prepared with a ton of groceries before a snowstorm hits, it may seem like an easy idea to order some takeout. However, if it’s too dangerous for you to drive to the store it’s a lot to ask a delivery person to take that unnecessary risk, so use this opportunity to get creative in the cooking department!


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