The Best Photos of Paperblanks® on Instagram – May, 2014

We love seeing the places people take their Paperblanks® products and it looks like this month, Instagram users are gearing up to travel. From backpacks to maps to sunglasses, Paperblanks® journals and dayplanners have been paired up in these photos with some key summer vacation necessities. And for those users who may not be getting ready for a holiday, summer is still in the air with bright lights and colourful flowers.

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3 comments on “The Best Photos of Paperblanks® on Instagram – May, 2014

  1. On chloebk’s picture, the joual between the Amy Winehouse and the blue-silver (Filigree…Fili-something from memory), may I know the name of it? The one lying down, not standing up.

    Thx already~

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