Usually, our Paperblanks Traveller series gives us the chance to live vicariously through the exciting and exotic adventures on which people take their journals and dayplanners. But, as this most recent entry reminded us, we sometimes forget to appreciate the beautiful cities we ourselves live in! This month’s Paperblanks Traveller sees our Safavid Binding Art and Old Leather Embossed journals at the top of a lookout tower right here in our hometown of Vancouver.

About her visit to the west coast Canadian city, Laurie writes:

I was nearing the end of my visit to Vancouver, British Columbia when I finally visited the Top of Vancouver revolving restaurant and lookout. I had already done quite a bit of travelling across North America and, for some reason, kept finding myself eating meals and enjoying the scenery at the tops of towers. From the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls to The View in New York, I had done my fair share of sightseeing at the tops of cities, so I thought I would be ok to skip the journey to the top of Vancouver. However, by the end of my time in this beautiful Pacific coast city I found myself staring up at this tall structure in the centre of downtown, wondering what the view was like from there. So, I went up on my last day, carrying with me my Safavid (used for scrapbooking and keeping track of tickets, receipts, wine labels and postcards) and Embossed (used for writing down everything I didn’t want to forget) journals, and I wasn’t disappointed. Though I didn’t stay to eat at the restaurant, I did capture a great picture and view of the city, ocean and mountains, capping off a great cross-continent trip that I will never forget.


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