Los misterios de Laura - (4)
“Los Misterios de Laura” is a Spanish-language television show that continues the grand detective tradition of “Colombo,” “Murder, She Wrote” and “Veronica Mars,” with a hint of Agatha Christie mysteries thrown in for good measure. And, like any detective worth her weight, the lead character Laura takes notes in a handy journal.

An astute viewer noticed that in a recent episode of “Los Misterios,” a character named Silvia was using a Paperblanks® Embellished Manuscripts journal for her records. Check out these stills from the episode as Silvia takes a Rousseau, Julie book on her hunt for the truth. And while our Rousseau journal is no longer a part of our current collection, you can learn more about the manuscript and author who inspired the cover by reading this Endpaper Blog post on Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Los misterios de Laura - (3)
Los misterios de Laura - (2)
Los misterios de Laura - (1)
Los misterios de Laura - (5)
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