Paperblanks® in the Movies: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Astute Paperblanks® users often write us or post pictures when they spot one of our journals in their favourite TV show or movie, and often we are as surprised as they to see Paperblanks® up on the screen. Paperblanks® latest big-screen adventure, however, was not just a happy accident.

Paperblanks® Grolier Journal and Black Moroccan Accordion Box in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Paperblanks® Handtooled Accordion Boxes in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Audra Neil, the set decoration buyer for the 2013 blockbuster Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, approached us when she was preparing for the movie, hoping to use Paperblanks® to adorn the office of Dionysus. As portrayed by Stanley Tucci, Dionysus (or Mr. D) is both the Greek god of wine and also the director of Camp Half-Blood. Check out these stills from the movie and see Paperblanks® journals and accordion boxes making themselves at home in the movie epic.

Paperblanks® Old Leather Handtooled and Embossed Journals in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Have You Spotted a Paperblanks® Book on the Screen?

Paperblanks® writing journals have appeared in movies, TV shows, music videos and other forms of media. If you’ve spotted any Paperblanks® screen appearances please write us in the comments section below or via our Facebook page or Twitter!

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