In a September edition of Beautiful Bookstores we asked the question, “Is Polare Maastricht the most beautiful bookstore in the world?” While many readers agreed that Polare Maastricht is indeed a gorgeous building, one commenter suggested that another Dutch church-turned-bookstore has it beat. Well, we took a look at that bookstore, Waanders In de Broeren, and have to agree with Sabine that it has seamlessly integrated the original architecture of a Catholic church with that of a modern bookshop.

As you can see, Waanders is much more than a bookstore. It’s also a shop for art and music lovers, a concert hall and a cultural exhibition arena. It even has it’s own brasserie!

Sounds like we’ve got a second bookstore to add to our dream Dutch vacation!

What do you think? How does Waanders stack up against the rest of the beautiful bookstore competition?

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  1. I you have not visited the bookstore at Stockmann, Helsinki (its name is Akateeminen Kirjakauppa in Finnish and Akademiska Bokhandeln in Swedish), you have to get there. I would say that it is the world’s most beautiful bookstore.

    • Hi Danne,

      Thanks for the recommendation! We may not have a chance to visit Stockmann anytime soon, but you just may see a profile on this beautifully-lit bookstore on the Endpaper Blog one day soon!

      The Paperblanks® Team


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