Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain, was not an author opposed to getting creative when naming his characters. No surprise here – how many “Huckleberry”s do you know in real life? So when, in the spring of 1884, he put himself in the mind of a physician attempting to write a play, Twain was bound to come up with some inspired ideas. It’s probably for the best, though, that the play featuring such characters as “Dysentery Jones” and “Siphillis Briggs” never came to fruition.

Mark Twain’s name journal, via Mark Twain At Play

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  1. Love Mark Twain! Such a brainstormer. J.K. Rowling talked about her naming brainstorming in an interview in the past which I found intriguing. Knowing some of the method behind the creativity is always interesting to us as aspiring writers and also lovers of the craft.


    • Absolutely! It’s quite inspirational to get some insight into this sometimes overlooked aspect of writing. You really get an appreciation for all the creativity and hard work that goes into the craft.

      -The Paperblanks Team


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