Fading memories come alive in Russian-born, Italian-based artist Ekaterina Panikanova’s latest series, “Errate Corrige.” Loosely translated to “Incorrect Correct,” the series of three-dimensional murals pieced together over old books evokes specific and sometimes painful remembrances of childhood.

Working only with used books and black ink, Ekaterina mixes and matches pieces of her unusual canvas to create imaginative portrayals of common archetypes. Using tableaus of families interspersed with images of antlers, animals, toys and desserts, Ekaterina creates provocative and stirring works of layered art that blur the line between painting and collage.

Much like a Rorschach test, Ekaterina’s paintings put together seemingly unconnected pictograms to elicit powerful emotional reactions. What memories does her art call to mind for you?

Learn more about Ekaterina’s process and see the rest of the “Errate Corrige” collection on her official website (if you can read Italian) or on her Tumblr (if you can’t).

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