Emma Taylor’s intricate art pieces prove that long-forgotten books need not sit and collect dust on your bookshelf. By repurposing vintage books as three-dimensional works of art, Taylor is doing her part to recapture the innovation and imagination that lie within the written word.

“From within a book…”

…begins the handmade tag Emma creates for each piece of art, showcasing the unique story behind each sculpture. Whether:

“…a battle rages between the prince and the pages”:


“…row on row a forest of knowledge continues to grow”:

Taylor’s love and respect for printed books is evident. With these pieces being displayed in libraries, galleries and bookshops in her homeland of England and available worldwide for purchase as photographic prints, From Within a Book… is an encouraging sign of the fight against the decline of traditional book publishing.

Check out more of Emma Taylor’s art online at:




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  1. dear emma , I have your book art found on a homepage and am thrilled. I started with book art and have a question … you do the figures , buildings only newspapper or build you a frame of cardboard ?

    • Dear Holger,

      We’re glad that our feature on Emma Taylor’s art has inspired your own book creations! We’d suggest reaching out to her on Facebook or Tumblr, though, as you’ll be more likely to receive a response from the artist there.

      All the bets,
      The Paperblanks® Team


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