We always love finding out that a Paperblanks book made it into the background or foreground of a popular TV show or movie. (It happens quite often. Click here for a few more examples.) So it was a pleasant surprise to hear that a Paperblanks book – our Foiled Old Leather journal, to be specific – made it into a scene on last Tuesday’s episode of the NBC TV show Smash!

And it was doubly exciting to see it worthy of placement on the desk of a character played by such a talented and award-winning actress like Anjelica Huston! (Not to mention sharing a scene with another master thespian, Frank Langella!)

Check out screenshots of the scene below!

Have You Spotted A Paperblanks Book on The Screen?

Paperblanks writing journals have appeared in movies, TV shows, music videos and other forms of media. If you’ve spotted any Paperblanks screen appearances please write us in the comments section below or via our Facebook page or Twitter!










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