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This month we take a look inside a pair of Heather’s books – both a journal and her 2012 dayplanner – and a nice look at how the planner helped her organize a trip to see the Space Shuttle Discovery in D.C. As Heather mentions below, she wouldn’t be able to “survive” her daily life without these books.

After over a year of wanting one of Paperblanks’ Da Vinci journals, I finally caved in at the beginning of the semester in August and bought one. It joined the Poe, Tamerlane planner I won via a contest on Twitter.

I’m honestly not sure if I could survive my daily life without them. I was able to keep track of everything from work to school and even planned a trip to Washington, D.C. to see the Space Shuttle Discovery fly in from Kennedy Space Center.


Here’s how the planner helped me organize my trip to D.C.:

I love that it has the hours listed. That way, I can plan the trip hour by hour.

With the Poe planner, I was able to not only plan meetings, but also take notes in the back.


I’m also a big fan of everything concerning spaceflight. So, the milestones from SpaceX this year was a VERY big deal.

And the Da Vinci journal was perfect! First, while taking a humanities class beginning with the Renaissance era, I was able to fully indulge in the life of Leonardo.

The journal is a perfect size to be carried anywhere. Most importantly, I was able to take notes during class.

But I was upset that I used it so much that I ran out of pages. So the task for the next journal is to buy a bigger size.


With graduation coming soon and trips to be planned across the country, here’s to 2013!


You can follow Heather on Twitter with the username @Heathernaut88

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