Often described by musicians as a “giant,” Ludwig van Beethoven’s (1770-1827) works are defined by intellectual depth and honesty. His musical expressions of heroism and struggle echo his troubled personal life. Beethoven’s childhood fell prey to the ambitions of an alcoholic father determined to turn Beethoven into a prodigy. When Beethoven began to go deaf in his late twenties, that didn’t prevent him from going on to create many of the most important works in classical music. Beethoven was tortured by love of unavailable women and in his later life his behavior became increasingly eccentric. His powerful and stormy compositions are a reflection of his interior turmoil.

To check out Paperblanks’ tribute to this musical “giant”, find out about the journal we made from Beethoven handwritten musical sheets for Violin Sonata no. 10 in G Major.

And see below for a sampling of what we consider to be 5 great works by Beethoven. The individual tracks are performed by various artists on the online audio distribution platform Soundcloud.

1. Moonlight Sonata


2. Symphony No. 5


3. Symphony No. 9


4. Sonata Pathétique


5. Für Elise




  1. Ludwig van was a solitary person, something normal for a genius. ther repertoire than an orchestra have when they are playing Ludwing van compositions, are of an amazing diversity, because his music was of an incredible originality. history said that when he played the third symphony for the first time the furor of the people was really high. Ludwig van was on a time of big changes in the world, a time where Europe was a real carnage with the french revolution and then with the war, so he was one of many artists that had to defy the standars of society, thats why his music was an innovation for that time

  2. About clasic music we know that ludwig Van is one of the best in this amazing type of music, besides Ludwig we have to mention Johann Sebatian Bach, Giuseppe Verdi, wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as the main ones, so people who do not know so much and never listen clasic music you already have to listen them.
    Each one have interesting lifes, if you want to know more..!!!

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