The “Art Nouveau” movement was heavily influenced by Alphonse Mucha, a Czech artist who rose to prominence in France in the 1890’s; and there is probably no better summation of Mucha’s ideology and the principles of the Art Nouveau style than in the Documents Décoratifs, a style book published in Paris in 1902.

The Documents Décoratifs is comprised of 72 stunning plates that exemplify everything the movement is remembered for: decor, women, flowers, natural forms, structures, jewelery. In fact, it directly influenced a collection of our journals. Paperblanks has created a series of floral-themed journals with imagery taken from four of these plates. (The 11th plate, seen below, is the basis for our Snap Dragon design).

Find below the first 12 of the Documents Décoratifs‘ 72 plates. We’ll take a look at the remaining 60 over the next several weeks.

And learn more about Paperblanks’ Mucha collection of writing journal here.

Documents Decoratifs – Plate 1
Documents Decoratifs – Plate 2
Documents Decoratifs – Plate 3
Documents Decoratifs – Plate 4
Documents Decoratifs – Plate 5
Documents Decoratifs – Plate 6
Documents Decoratifs – Plate 7
Documents Decoratifs – Plate 8
Documents Decoratifs – Plate 9
Documents Decoratifs – Plate 10
Documents Decoratifs – Plate 11 (Basis for Paperblanks’ Snap Dragon journal)
Documents Decoratifs – Plate 12



  1. Hello Paperblanks:
    I wish to purchase a copy of Mucha’s floral patterns within “Documents Decoratifs’. I have followed your store search to to local stores, but I am afraid to order them and be embarrassed as hell if they are too expensive. Could you, therefore let me know how many prints we are tal;king about, the size, and the approximate cost. I want to use a number of his floral works to use as frames and backgrounds in stained glass work. I don’t think this is violating copyright if you make alterations and which medium. Thanks very much for whatever information you can share.

    • Hi Derek,

      Thanks for your inquiry. We aren’t the rights holders for Mucha’s work so you will need to contact the Mucha Foundation directly. Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

      The Paperblanks® Team


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