Chris from Paperblanks’ Vancouver office tells us about working for Paperblanks and his favourite design:

I work in the Marketing department at Paperblanks HQ in Vancouver. It’s a great environment even if just because you get to see all these beautiful creative projects grow and develop several months before the public gets to see a final product.


At work I use a Sun & Moonlight journal from the Leonardo’s Sketches collection. (And while I’m talking about the workplace, I’ll also say this: Everyone in this office uses a Paperblanks journal in some way or another for work. I was just talking to a co-worker yesterday who uses *six* different books – each one for a different project.) But on the subject of the Sun & Moonlight journal: It’s amazing how something so utilitarian – Da Vinci’s sketches and writing about the subject of the moon on the yellowing paper of his notebook – has not only been so elegantly transferred onto this cover but also inspires even when I’m just jotting down something mundane. The book really is a work of art.


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