Staff Pick: Sandra, Dublin Office

Staff Pick of the Month is a regular feature where we ask a Paperblanks employee how they contribute to the team, what their favourite Paperblanks book is, and what they use their book for.


Q: Could you tell us your name and what you do at Paperblanks?

A: My name is Sandra and I work as the Operational Sales Manager for the International Markets in the Paperblanks Dublin office.

Q: What is your favourite Paperblanks journal?:

A: This is actually a difficult question as I have so many favourite covers. I would say that Morris Windrush is one of my favourite designs at the moment. I like the brightness of gold on blue and the feeling of fabric that reminds me of medieval times.

Q: What is your Paperblanks Journal used for?

A: I use my Paperblanks for both personal and professional purposes.  I would rather write on paper than on my computer when something comes into my mind.

Q: In your opinion what is the best thing about Paperblanks journals?

A: The wide range of designs allows you to pick the one that reflects who you are. It makes your notes feel even more personal.

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