Typically we spotlight Paperblanks appearances on movies and TV show (of which there have been plenty!), but we couldn’t resist shining a light on this one: a production of Oscar Wilde’s “A Woman of No Importance” playing in our European office’s home city of Dublin, Ireland. Seen in the below picture actress Aoibheann O’Hara is holding a  Summer & Sensibility Micro journal from our Romantic Sensibility Collection.

The production is being put on at the Gate Theatre in Dublin and is “directed by Tony Award winning director Patrick Mason, with costumes by Peter O’Brien, set design by Eileen Diss, music and sound design by Denis Clohessy and lighting design by Paul Keogan.

Summer & Sensibility, Romantic Sensibility collection

The website’s official summary of the famed Wilde play:

Oscar Wilde’s scathingly witty comedy of social scandal focuses on the hypocrisy of a society which sneers and mocks women for their sexual behaviours while praising men for theirs. At a party, the play centres around the revelation of Mrs. Arbuthnot’s long-concealed secret, which forces her son and others to face their pasts and admit some home truths. Wilde’s brilliant comedy delves into the dark side of English upper society, where all is to be revealed.

And if you’re interested, you can find out about Paperblanks’ own tribute to Oscar Wilde by going here.

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