The Staircase As Art Object: 10 Wild Examples

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As our readers know we’ve made a business out of taking a very functional thing and turning it into an art object (In fact, that’s the basis of our slogan!) – so it’s always neat to see what other everyday objects people can take and turn into something beautiful and well-crafted. Take staircases: We’ve compiled ten examples below where someone has been able to take the staircase — an everyday construction “designed to bridge a large vertical distance” — to another level.

1. Colourful Mosaic Staircase

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2. Armani Store Staircase

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3. Minimalist Staircase

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4-5. Musical Staircases

6. DNA Staircase

[Source Link]

7. Wavy Longchamp Staircase

[Source Link]

8. Lyrics Staircase

[Source Link]

9. Ribbon Staircase

[Source Link]

10. Tree Branch Railing Staircase

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Tell us in the comments section below if you have any favourites – or if we’ve missed any other examples that belong among these ten!


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