Previously we talked about the recent rise of typewriter-nostalgic revivalists. As we reported at the time, the typewriter has a bit of strange allure for this group, which is populated by many “first time users” who “grew up on computers” and are “too young to be nostalgic for spooled ribbons, ink-smudged fingers and corrective fluid.” In any case, we can definitely agree with them on one thing: typewriters are beautiful machines!

Today we wanted to share with you something a little different: 12 beautiful but strikingly weird pictures of typewriters. Many of these are interesting, daring, and down-right bizarre takes on an old thing. Scan through them and tell us in the comments section below if you have any favourites!

1. Chromatic/Color Typewriter

2. iPad Typewriter

3. Felt Typewriter

4. Desktop Typewriter

5. Winged Typewriter

6. Music Typewriter

7. Rose-Decorated Typewriter

8. Typewriter Waffle-Iron

9. Monster Typewriter

10. Portable/Briefcase Typewriter

11. Birthday Cake Typewriter

12. Wooden Keyboard Typewriter




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