[Video] Event Calligrapher Creating a Beautiful Illuminated Letter

Today we wanted to share with you a video showcasing the beautiful work of Rosemary Buczek, one of the talented calligraphers who is going to be at our calligrapher event on May 18th. As announced last week, to celebrate Paperblanks’ 20th Anniversary we’re hosting an event at the New York Public Library Gift Store where professional calligraphers like Rosemary will be personally inscribing Paperblanks journals.

Illuminated lettering is, of course, text that is complimented by the addition of decoration. As explained in the video’s description:

“Rosemary Buczek takes you from start to finish in the creation of a beautiful illuminated letter. Step-by-step, she shows and clearly describes the process and techniques.”

And after watching the video you can see the appeal of getting someone like Rosemary to inscribe your book!

Illuminated Lettering on Paperblanks Covers

Also of interest to Paperblanks readers is that Rosemary’s work in the video is the similar to the type of illuminated lettering that appears on Paperblanks’ Gutenberg Bible collection designs:

Parabole Ultra, Gutenberg Bible Collection

Find out more about our Gutenberg Bible collection of writing journals on our products page here!

The Event is on May 18th!

The event will be held at the New York Public Library Giftshop on May 18th. We hope to see you there!

And if you’re interested in checking out more of Rosemary’s work go to www.gildedquill.com!

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