In a body of work that is perhaps unparalleled in history, Leonardo da Vinci’s (1452–1519) sketches and copious notes allow us to peer into the mind of a genius. He was a consummate draftsman and sketch artist, and carefully recorded his world and the travels of his mind in mirror-image cursive. A man of unquenchable curiosity spanning an infinite spectrum, he was simultaneously taken with the concepts of grace and geometric structure of the universe.

Da Vinci Notes & Sketches Depicted on Journal Covers

Our Leonardo’s Sketches Collection renders two of Da Vinci’s sketches and notes from his famous treatise, the Codex Leicester. One design — Water Motion — features Da Vinci’s notes on water motion and the moon wherein he explores the intrinsic beauty of serpentine flow, valued artistically as the most graceful of figurative movements.

The second design in this collection is Sun & Moonlight, which features Da Vinci’s scientific observations and theories on the light of the moon relative to the brilliance of the sun. In these diagrams and notes we are reminded of the light Da Vinci shone on humanity’s potential for greatness.

Paperblanks’ Years-Long Fascination With Da Vinci

Did you know we’ve released a total of three different Da Vinci-related collections over our 20-year history? Look at photos of all of these books and read our article about our years-long fascination with Da Vinci here.



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