Name: Emilie Levraut Debeaune
Age: 28
City/Town: Lyon
Country: France
Places Travelled: France, China, Mauritius, Germany
Loves: My husband and my two children, Lilou and Ezio. The writer J.R.R. Tolkien; being in nature; reading and writing; the joy of Christmas Day; the snow; laughter.
Occupation: I was a librarian but am now on leave for 3 years to devote myself solely to writing.
Creative Works: Above all things I’m a writer. I have written since I was a little girl and my first novel, “J’écris comme je suis!” (“I write just like I am”), was published in July 2011. It’s currently only available in French from a small publisher.

What would one find in the pages of your Paperblanks?
Anything and everything! My Paperblanks journals are very private and I think that no one, except me (and even then I’m not sure of that!), can understand what I write in them. The pages of my journals contain ideas for stories and travel accounts, as well as my experiences, fears, hopes and future dreams. It’s truly a jumble of ideas and different expressions.

Do you have any personal philosophies you’ve come to develop about writing, art, creation or culture?
I think that everyone has a special talent, but this talent is not inevitably an art. We all contribute something. It can be the gift of making people happy or the ability to be a good listener, just as it can be a special talent to draw, to write or to sing.

No matter what type of creative art you make, what or who first inspired you to make it an essential part of your life?
Literature and music inspire me. Music makes such an impact on my mood, so it affects my writing. In the same way, reading a good book will inspire me in my own writing.

How did you find Paperblanks?
My friends gave me my first Paperblanks journal as a gift when I was a student. Later I found out it was a Laurel Burch design, “Blue Cats & Butterflies.” At first I was afraid to write in it because of its beauty. This feeling changed when I took it with me on my honeymoon, however, and since then I’ve used Paperblanks for everything!

Do you have a favourite design?
I love the Old Leather, Laurel Burch and Intricate Inlays collections offered by Paperblanks, yet I can’t choose just one as my favourite. Each one provides a beautiful support to my writing. Each in its own way works perfectly for me.

Do you have any advice for other creative people?
Create what you like, and be happy to do that. Everyone has a talent; you just need to find out your own, through trials and experience. Don’t be afraid, go!

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