We are pleased to highlight the addition of four books to Paperblanks Handstitched line of blank books. These new books use existing designs from previous Paperblanks collections:

Ougi Filigree Floral Ebony
Lindau Safavid

About Paperblanks Handstitched Books

Handstitched books are rare and have become the domain of connoisseurs or those who can afford the luxury of traditional craftsmanship. Paperblanks welcomes you into this exclusive club with our uniquely priced Handstitched series of books representing the quality and timelessness inherent in the oldest of crafts, the stitching of manuscripts.

Our journals, with their open spines that allow the books to lie flat, reveal the handsome Coptic stitching that will hold pages in place far longer than any modern methods. Coptic stitching was developed in Egypt in the fourth century by the Christian Copts and it remains today one of the most beautiful and durable forms of book binding. This is quality, laid bare. For those who love the old book arts and those who love to know how things work, these are the journals for you.

Paperblanks sells 4 series made up entirely of handstitched Coptic-bound journals. To view these blank books go to our products page here.

The Elegance of Coptic Stitching

We’ve written previously about the pleasures of a handstitched Coptic-bound book, including why they are ideal for sketchbooks. Go here for our article Why Use a Handstitched Journal? 4 Reasons.


Tell us in the comments section below what you think of these books!


    • Hi Kathryn,

      Unfortunately we discontinued our handstitched journals a few years ago, so it unlikely any retailers still carry them.

      Sorry for the bad news!
      Robyn @ Paperblanks


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