Laurel Burch was a self-taught artist and “flower child” who sold handmade jewellery on the streets of San Francisco in the 1960s. Later on, she continued to rely on her intuition and passion, speaking from the heart with an unmistakable style that was the manifestation of her love of life and strong imaginative nature.

From her fertile imagination, she created brilliantly coloured, vibrant and moving themes with paint and paper, exquisitely embellished with gold and silver.

Laurel Burch’s Beautiful Artwork – Re-Created On Writing Journals

An important member of the Paperblanks’ family of artists, Burch’s artwork is featured in 6 different series of Paperblanks writing journals and on over 20 designs.

Fantastic Felines Playful Creations Blossoms

The Lovers Spirit of Womankind Mystical Horses

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  1. For years I’ve kept a journal of my horse adventures. When I was recently in need of a new one, I purchased Laurel Burch’s Indigo Sky lined journal. When it arrived, I was taken back by the quality of the product. It is not only a journal, but a true work of art that I’ll treasure for years to come. I recently purchased another one for a special horse riding friend. For her, I chose Wild Horses of Fire which are “her colors”. Again, the journal is beyond description. The colors are so vibrant, and she loved the gift. I beaded a metal bookmark to adorn it.
    I love Laurel Burch’s artwork and highly recommend her journals.


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