Staff Pick of the Month is a regular feature where we ask a Paperblanks employee how they contribute to the team, what their favourite Paperblanks book is, and what they use their book for.

Q: What do you do at Paperblanks?

A: My name is Anastacia Gray and I work as a Customer Service Representative in Paperblanks’ Dublin Office. The markets I work for are: The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Q: What is your favourite Paperblanks journal?:

A: The Embossed journal from the Old Leather Collection because it reminds me of the Renaissance period.  As a photographer in my spare time, perspective is important to me and the Embossed journal helps me draw inspiration from this era.

Q:What is your Paperblanks Journal used for?

A: I typically use it to house my sketches, photos, poems and thoughts. With every new page I am presented with an endless array of creative opportunities.  I also use it to jot down different camera settings to help me define my perspective when taking photos.  I like to keep my journal on my desk, safely tucked away from the world.

Q: In your opinion what is the best thing about Paperblanks’ journals?

A: Paperblanks’ journals are all made with high quality materials. The pages are strong enough to allow my photographs to stand out on each page.  To me this is the most important element when choosing a journal to invest all of your most precious ideas and memories in.



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