We’ve found another Paperblanks screen-appearance, and this tip came to us via Twitter user @Naina. The TV show in question is the famed American-produced but Globally-loved CSI: Las Vegas (Bit of trivia: CSI is the most watched drama series in the world.)

The episode is the fourth episode from season 5, “Crow’s Feat”, and the Paperblanks writing journal that appears (about 20 minutes in) is the Damas Marble Midi book from our Intricate Inlays collection. Check it out on our Intricate Inlays products page here!

Have You Spotted A Paperblanks Book on The Screen?

Paperblanks writing journals have appeared in movies, TV shows, music videos and other forms of media. If you’ve spotted any Paperblanks screen appearances please write us in the comments section below or via our Facebook page or Twitter!



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