We’re pleased to spotlight one of Paperblanks’ newest collections: Parisian Mosaic.

The Design: Inspired by an 18th-Century Leather Mosaic Binding

Our Parisian Mosaic Collection was inspired by an 18th-century leather mosaic binding executed in Paris by master binder Nicolas-Denis Derome. Descended from a renowned family of bookbinders, his works were much sought after as they showed a unique flair for lightness and vivacity of design.

This gold-tooled and polychromatic cover recalls a mediæval motif called “au semé,” which consists of small decorative patterns arranged in symmetrical lines or columns resembling a sown field. The adoption of this ancient heraldic motif, combined with fresh colours and new materials, brought mosaic binding into a new era of artistry.

The Splendour of Polychromatic Patterns

Available in Four Formats

GRANDE – 8¼” × 11¾” 128 Pages MIDI – 5″ × 7″ 144 Pages
MINI – 4″ × 5½” 176 Pages MICRO – 2¾” × 3½” 160 Pages


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